Why You Should Hire a Bakersfield Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Bakersfield Motorcycle Accident LawyerA motorcyclist has less safety and protection than a motorist and accidents can result in catastrophic damages. In a motorcycle accident, the rider and passenger can sustain serious injuries. If this occurs, injured victims will need the help of a local Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyer to recover compensation.

Motorcyclists have the unfortunate reputation of being irresponsible, reckless, or dangerous on the road and may be blamed for collisions with other motorists. Because of this mindset, it can be very difficult for victims of motorcycle accidents to get fair compensation. One way to ensure total compensation is to get quality legal representation from a motorcycle accident attorney.

Motorcycle accident victims have legal rights to seek compensation after being injured in an accident. In order for justice to be served, the accident needs to be properly investigated and the liable parties must be identified.

Read on to find out why you should hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you with your personal injury claim.


How a Bakersfield Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Will Help

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are relatively common in the United States. In 2017, fatal motorcycle accidents accounted for roughly 14% of all highway fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Motorcyclists who were injured in a motorcycle accident with a negligent motorist have the right to seek compensation and recover damages for their losses. Here are some ways a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney can help you:

  • They Will Handle the Paperwork

It’s unlikely that you’ve ever dealt with insurance companies, filed legal cases, or prepared for a trial. An attorney familiar with motorcycle accident cases will ensure that all necessary documentation and medical accounts to support your case are filed within the stipulated time.

Police reports, medical records, and property damage reports are required documents for claimant filing. Once received, they will be filed accordingly to begin the process of seeking compensation.

  • They Will Represent You in Court if Needed

Your motorcycle accident case might go to court if the settlement offer is unreasonable or if the insurance company refuses to settle before pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. You do not want to deal with this scenario on your own. Instead, you should employ an experienced attorney who will advocate for you. A skilled attorney should persuade the judge and jury that you are entitled to maximum compensation for your injuries.

  • It Gives You Ample Time to Heal

Motorcycle accidents can result in severe bodily injuries and stress; you don’t need to add to your stress by filing a claim and negotiating with the insurance company.

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer frees up your time to focus on recovering from your injuries. You won’t have to spend time dealing with the logistics of filing and negotiating the claim as the attorney takes responsibility for the process.


Compensations for Injuries Sustained in Motorcycle Accidents

After identifying who is liable for a motorcycle accident, a motorcyclist may seek financial compensation for various losses. These damages may include:

  • Property Damage

A collision can result in serious damage to a motorcycle or other personal property. A victim may claim compensation for the costs of repairing or replacing their motorcycle and any other economic damages incurred as a result of the property damage.

  • Lost Income

After sustaining a significant injury, a motorcycle rider may not be able to return to work while recovering. They may also suffer from physical limitations or other challenges that limit their capacity to work. Therefore, a victim may seek compensation for past and future income lost due to a motorbike accident.

  • Medical Attention

Following a collision, emergency medical attention may be required to address injuries such as broken bones, wounds and lacerations, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and any other types of bodily harm. Treatments of this nature can be costly, especially if a motorcyclist is hospitalized and requires surgery or continuing physical rehabilitation.

A motorcycle rider can take the necessary steps to address how they have been impacted by a car accident with a motorist by requesting the help of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer today. A qualified legal team of professional lawyers provides experience and dedication during a difficult time for accident victims, ensuring that a negligent driver or other liable parties are held accountable for their accidents and injuries.

You can get started with a free case evaluation. At Horizon Accident Lawyers, our law firm specializes in getting motorcycle accident victims the maximum compensation they are entitled to after being injured in an accident.

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