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Large trucks are among the most deadly vehicles on the road and are largely responsible for thousands of deaths each year. Truck accident victims sometimes find themselves financially handicapped following an accident. Costs for repairing or replacing the victim’s vehicle, hospital bills, future medical treatment, and lost income from missing work can quickly deplete a person’s finances.

Most of these large vehicles are owned by huge organizations, which signifies how tough it can be to go to court against them. These companies may attempt to force truck accident victims into accepting a low settlement. However, a knowledgeable Bakersfield truck accident lawyer can assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Why Choose Horizon Accident Lawyers?

Horizon Accident Lawyers can help you determine who is at fault, collect evidence, interview eyewitnesses, negotiate with the insurance firm, and, if necessary, take the case to trial. Our professional legal team can handle all aspects of your Bakersfield truck accident case, allowing you to focus on recovering from your injuries.

An experienced Bakersfield truck accident attorney should know how to conduct in-depth research regarding truck accidents, work with expert witnesses, and apply imaginative discovery procedures to build a winning case. That is why Horizon Accident Lawyers is the best option for your personal injury case after being involved in a truck accident.

We have assisted numerous clients with their truck accident cases, and we can help you get a complete and fair settlement.  We will pursue total compensation from all responsible parties, whether it’s from commercial trucking corporations or independent truckers.

Our Bakersfield truck accident attorney works diligently to obtain the compensation you are entitled to, and our law firm will also provide the following services:

  • Free consultation – We understand that you do not wish to risk additional expenses by employing an attorney, which is why we offer free consultations. We can meet, discuss your case, and make sure our partnership will be a good fit.
  • Contingency payment structure – Our truck accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, so we do not charge for our services upfront, and you only pay when we win. You will not need to take any financial risks when you work with us.
  • High rate of winning cases – We will negotiate with insurance providers on your behalf to obtain the best settlement. If the insurance firms fail to settle, we are prepared to take the case to trial.
  • Experienced – In all of our years of practice, we have maintained a 99% success rate. We are committed to ensuring that the injured receive justice, and we will fight to accomplish this.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney?

As a truck accident victim, you have legal rights to seek compensation for your injuries. However, without the right legal support, you stand the risk of being pressured out of a just settlement. Trucking corporations will aggressively defend themselves against truck accident claims and have the resources to draw cases out for an extended period of time, waring victims down to exhaustion and succumbing to an unfair settlement.

If you were in an accident with a big rig, tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, or other large commercial truck, the best course of action is to call an expert truck accident attorney at Horizon Accident Lawyers. We can help you receive maximum compensation for your accident.

The truck driver, vehicle manufacturer, or truck owner can all be held accountable in a truck accident case. In other instances, the loading facility or even the organization responsible for the cargo may be held liable. Because each situation is unique, the only approach to identifying who is responsible is to consult an attorney. We will be able to identify all liable parties and hold them accountable for the accident.

How Much Is a Truck Accident Claim Worth?

Truck accidents involving passenger vehicles can result in a wide range of significant truck accident injuries or even death. Those who got hurt must endure a long, painful, and costly healing period. Among the financial losses that a victim may suffer are property damages, reduced earning capacity, and medical care/physical therapy expenses. Other economic or non-economic damages will also be taken into consideration.

Economic damages will compensate for any financial expenditures incurred due to the accident. This may include, but is not limited to, present and future medical bills, lost wages, diminished earning ability, and burial expenses.

Non-economic damages are intended to reimburse you and your family for any pain or suffering you may be facing due to the cause of the accident, like mental anguish, PTSD, and loss of consortium.

How Truck Accidents Differ From Car Accidents

In a typical car accident, two drivers are typically involved, with one driver being the sole cause of the accident. However, multiple parties may be found liable in a trucking accident, including the driver, the trucking business, the vehicle’s manufacturer, and the firm that owns the vehicle.

Because trucks are so large, the injuries will likely be serious and can even cause death. The bigger the accident, the higher a settlement usually is.  This results in increased medical expenditures, life-altering injuries, and the possibility of death.

Truck accidents can be fatal and life-changing, which is more reason why it is relevant to consult with a truck accident lawyer in Bakersfield that has the experience, understanding, and track record necessary to defend your claim and safeguard your rights.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents occur for a variety of reasons, and when they collide with a car, motorcycle, or pedestrian, the outcome can be catastrophic. The most common causes behind truck accidents include:

  • Distracted driving – Regrettably, trucks are frequently engaged in fatal accidents due to the driver’s negligence or recklessness.
  • Lack of experience – Trucking requires a special commercial license. Although this is mandatory to operate a large truck, some drivers still lack the experience to drive large big rigs and do not know how to react in an emergency traffic situation.
  • Disobeying rules and regulations – Federal and state rules regulate the operations of commercial trucks. However, that training and regulations are sometimes disregarded.
  • Fatigued truck drivers – Many drivers fall asleep at the wheel, resulting in deadly accidents.
  • DUI – Some drivers will work under the influence of powerful stimulants, alcohol, or drugs, making them more irresponsible and harmful to other motorists.

Other common causes of vehicle crashes include speeding, system breakdowns/malfunctions, road rage, unsafe lane changes, not checking blind spots, and not keeping up with vehicle maintenance.

How Is Liability Determined in a Truck Accident?

There can be multiple parties responsible for causing a truck accident. In an accident case involving a truck, potential defendants may include, but are not limited to:

  • The driver of the truck
  • The transportation firm
  • The maker of trucks
  • The shipping firm (that loaded the cargo)
  • Governmental agencies

If the truck driver is an independent contractor for a prominent trucking company, then the issue can be traced to poor supervision. Perhaps a component on the vehicle failed during transportation, resulting in the crash. This may imply that the truck manufacturer can be liable. A truck accident lawyer in Bakersfield can help you identify all relevant parties in your specific case and hold them accountable.

Common Injuries Sustained During Truck Accidents in Bakersfield

Brain and head injuries are some of the most common injuries sustained in collisions with heavy vehicles. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are common, such as blunt head trauma and facial or scalp lacerations.

Minor cuts and bruises caused by shattered glass and lighter impact are the most prevalent type of injury sustained in car accidents. The following are other common injuries suffered in truck accidents:

  • Fractures
  • Injuries to the back and neck
  • Damage to the spinal cord
  • Paralysis
  • Whiplash
  • Internal wounds
  • Injuries to the ribs and torso
  • Amputation
  • Disfigurement
  • Burns

If you or someone special to you was injured in a truck accident, you could be eligible for compensation for medical costs and other losses.  Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

What to Do After a Truck Accident in Bakersfield

Take photographs of the bodily injuries and damaged property while at the accident scene. Also, notify the police and have them create a police report. Get a copy of that report. Avoid speaking to the other party. However, do collect their contact information, employer’s information, and insurance information.

Get all necessary medical treatment. Keep a journal of your physical symptoms, medical visits, treatment plans, and all costs incurred. Then, contact an experienced truck accident lawyer.

Once retained, our Bakersfield truck accident lawyers will preserve critical evidence, secure the scene of the vehicle accident, and gather witness statements. This is important since trucking companies have a history of losing, misplacing, or purposefully destroying evidence.  It is also important to begin this process within two years of the accident. The statute of limitations only gives victims this short period of time to file a claim, and the sooner you pursue action, the better the outcome of your case.

Contact Our Bakersfield Truck Accident Attorney

If you get injured in any Bakersfield truck accident, you might be facing significant medical bills, lost earnings, and other physical, emotional, and financial strains. Horizon Accident Lawyers are professional and caring truck accident attorneys that understand precisely what you are going through. Our accident attorneys are prepared to do all possible to assist you.

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